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Re: can we find a Debian solution for Bootsplash?

On Thu, 2004-08-05 at 00:22, David Moreno Garza wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-08-04 at 22:36, Matthew A. Nicholson wrote:
> > > I am for a complete rewrite of init, featuring dependancies and multi 
> > > threading.  Also of course boot up graphics, text, progress bars, and 
> > > animations.  Right now I am evaluating python as a canidate for the 
> > > language to write it in, although I have my reservations.  I also am 
> > > trying to determine how init scripts could be done in python.
> > > 
> > 
> > I say we, the debian-desktop project start an alioth project and design and 
> > write something.
> About bootsplash? 
> I just want to understand what would be the essential purpose around
> this. Design and write about what?
> I do think debian-desktop subproject is a great effort, or at least, a
> great intention to one of the biggests lacks in Debian: end/mortal user
> acknowledgement, compatibility. But I do think, also, that this has to
> be done with facts and actions. Please, do not misunderstand what I
> mean: I would only like to be more conscious of what are your really
> thoughts.
> Regards,
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Hello all,

Ideally there are numerous people who would like to see a graphical boot
sequence for debian. There were a number of kernel bootsplash solutions
but the debian kernel maintainers decided it would be better to implement
this outside of the kernel. There are lots of different ways this could
be done. FWICT, there are essentially three phases to the boot process on 
a conventional debian box, 1) kernel boot and dmesg output, 2) init process 
loads and starts other processes, 3) login on a getty or a login using X.
Getting all three to look nice together does not sound like a small task.
This also doesn't account for grub or lilo if you dual boot and need the
boot selection menu. There are graphical options for lilo, but I do not know
about grub.

I think he suggested Alioth for creating a project and working on a new 
version of init there. However, I think the alioth project would be good 
only after we have some form of functional code. Any effort to avoid clutter
on Alioth will be good for everyone.

Matthew P. McGuire <gray AT shadowglade.net> 
When choice matters, choose Debian.

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