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Re: desktop security

There are a bunch of other simple changes we could try for example
soften the security model.   Debian does a bunch of things to prevent a 
normal user from abusing the system.  Details: root can't access the 
screen without executing xauth (blah) command.  On a single user system 
is this desired?  Perhaps we could eliminate the need to execute xauth.  
OH MY GOD! Are you serious? I already see the DAUs swearing at their
Linux box just because they accidentally screwed it.

The Linux/Debian security model isn't sth. which is just there for fun
or to annoy users. When you soften such a fine system of privileges you
would negate one of Linux' greatest benefits: Security and Stability!

Perhaps soften the security model isn't the right wording.  I saw a desktop wiki page, can't find it now, that listed things that can be done to improve security for the user, for example allow accesses to devices.  Debian security is currently very rigid designed for a concurrent multi-user system.  On a desktop system, usability improvements maybe more important than securing the system from another user, since there typically isn't another user. 

One of the suggestions was to set up a bunch of sudo commands so that the user could administer the system by themselves, without having to go to SuperUser (SU) mode frequently.  Should I user have to type in the root password to access synaptic package manager?


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