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Re: kick starting debian desktop

Ross Burton wrote:
On Wed, 2004-04-28 at 10:25 -0700, Daniel Cardenas - AZ wrote:
There are a bunch of other simple changes we could try for example
soften the security model.   Debian does a bunch of things to prevent
a normal user from abusing the system.  Details: root can't access the
screen without executing xauth (blah) command.  On a single user
system is this desired?  Perhaps we could eliminate the need to
execute xauth.  Do you have other simple changes to propose?
Are you switching to root with 'su'?  Do you use 'su -' to clear the
existing environment and login?  If so, either make a magic script to
re-set the XAUTHORITY variable, or just use plain old 'su' -- this way
the X authority env.var. is kept and you can still access the display.

What do you mean by "just use plain old 'su'".  This is what I'm doing and still can't launch gui apps.

Thanks, Daniel

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