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Re: kick starting debian desktop

On April 28, 2004, 10:25, Daniel Cardenas - AZ wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> What do you think of the idea of having a debian desktop release real 
> soon?  In order to get it out real soon the only difference would be a 

Hi guys,
I'm a proponent of "release early, release often" but I don't know what
the status of Debian Desktop is. As far as I noticed things are still
not ready to be released. 

> There are a bunch of other simple changes we could try for example 
> soften the security model.   Debian does a bunch of things to prevent a 
> normal user from abusing the system.  Details: root can't access the 
> screen without executing xauth (blah) command.  On a single user system 
> is this desired?  Perhaps we could eliminate the need to execute xauth.  

OH MY GOD! Are you serious? I already see the DAUs swearing at their
Linux box just because they accidentally screwed it.

The Linux/Debian security model isn't sth. which is just there for fun
or to annoy users. When you soften such a fine system of privileges you
would negate one of Linux' greatest benefits: Security and Stability!


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