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Re: mail handling aka mta package preference for the desktop user

Max J. Werner wrote:
On April 28, 2004, 10:50, Daniel Cardenas - AZ wrote:
Max J. Werner wrote:
I like Exim very much and use it for my home server. If there are errors
in packages (like the one you've spotted) the Debian Desktop crew is
IMHO obliged to report these to the maintainers of the affected

I'll turn this around on you a bit and ask you why not use a package 
that is:
1.  Designed for our task.  (Simpler)
In my opinion the Debian Desktop project should not only take advantage
of existing packages and software but should actively work on issues
which prevent Linux from reaching the user's desktop.

There is more to Debian Desktop than just taking some packages and
bundling it all together in a nice and easy way. (Just IMHO of course)

Yes of course, but should we try to eat the hole pie at once or take little chewable pieces?  This project started two years ago? and I'm having a hard time seeing the progress.  I think most of us see the value in smaller more frequent releases, rather than one release every 5 years.  :-)

2.  Works better? (Better questions, no network hang feature/bugs, smaller.)
rather than use an over bloated piece of software that is not designed 
to be used on a desktop, 90% of the functionality will never be used, 
and is geared towards a system administrator rather than grandma?
Do you seriously think that Grandma should really face the task of
installing an MTA? Should her desktop computer use an external MTA at
all? Isn't sth. like KMail enough for her needs? Most beginners won't
ever need a highly configurable MTA like Postfix or Exim.
Are you suggested that we don't need an MTA for the desktop?   Or are you saying the MTA should install automatically?

And besides: Grandmas are only a fraction of the target group of a
Desktop Linux Distribution.
Yes, they are only a fraction of the target group, but if we meet grandma's needs we have meet the usability needs of just about everyone.


Thanks, Daniel

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