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Re: kick starting debian desktop

Am Wednesday 28 April 2004 19:25 schrieb Daniel Cardenas - AZ:

>  In order to get it out real soon the only difference would be a
> different set of packages or additional set of packages installed by
> default.  I would ask the install team, Joey Hess, to ask during
> installation if this is for a server or desktop(unstable).  (I'm sure
> there is a better way of asking that.)

Your intension to customize debian seems right and is shared by many IMHO (see 
below).  I think there are at least three parts to Debian-Desktop:

Only one part is providing an easy install path which is done in a great part 
very nicely by the debian-installer team. For additional customisation 
(preconfiguration etc.) there is good progress in the concept of Customized 
Debian Distribution (CDDs) and debian-desktop should really be one of them 
See the CDD paper[1] and the debian-custom mailing list[2].

The second part is the over-all  tuning and turning of debian packages into 
somthing that is more discoverable etc. as described on the d-d hompage. This 
goes very well with the concept of CDDs.

The third part is "the swirl" to ensure up-to-date packages updates. (I leave 
this for sombody else to elaborate).




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