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Re: mail handling aka mta package preference for the desktop user

Max J. Werner wrote:
On April 27, 2004, 13:32, Daniel Cardenas wrote:
How/Who is collecting ideas for default packages for debian desktop?

For Debian Desktop I recommend postfix for the MTA default package.
Last time I installed sid, exim was installed.  I did not answer the 
prompts correct, and that part of my system was hosed.  Sendmail has a 
friendlier set of prompts, but both of these packages have slowed down 
system startup when not configured optimally.  Postfix is the simplest 
of these packages and has the easiest to understand questions.

Let us know if you know of a better MTA package for the desktop or 
perhaps we don't need it at all?
I like Exim very much and use it for my home server. If there are errors
in packages (like the one you've spotted) the Debian Desktop crew is
IMHO obliged to report these to the maintainers of the affected

We should not choose a package by its install scripts since these can be
modified by a Debian developer. Choices should only be based on the
quality of the software itself. If the Exim install scripts are not
user-friendly it should be one of the tasks of Debian Desktop people to
report this inadequacy to the maintainer.

Just my 0,02 EUR

Hi Max,

I'll turn this around on you a bit and ask you why not use a package that is:
1.  Designed for our task.  (Simpler)
2.  Works better? (Better questions, no network hang feature/bugs, smaller.)
rather than use an over bloated piece of software that is not designed to be used on a desktop, 90% of the functionality will never be used, and is geared towards a system administrator rather than grandma?

Just my 3 cents, :-)

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