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Re: Debian derivatives census: activity ping: recent news, plans for 2016, freeze for stretch?

Hello Paul,

On Tuesday 05 January 2016 11.50:26 Paul Wise wrote:
> Thanks for letting us know Josef, would you like to say a few words
> about what SPACEflight achieved over the years that it was active?

SPACEflight has been used for teaching in several universities as it has been 
the only user-controlled environment in which students can learn how to build 
complex services and push them to the Internet. I think this remains a unique 
property of the distribution. If you look at OpenStack, for instance, even 
today it is not possible to just download a VM with a pre-configured OpenStack 
instance and a nice desktop and tooling on top and just use it within fifteen 
minutes. Furthermore, SPACEflight has also offered a systematic way to using 
services. If one installs a stock Debian desktop nowadays, there are many 
service-bound applications but users are required to have prior knowledge 
about which chat server to use, which website to surf to, which mail server to 
create an account at etc. The derivative's strength has been creating an 
awareness of the services around the user.

The main reason for the discontinuation is lack of time to advance it further 
beyond its current functionality.

More recently, I would say that the FreedomBox activities or special 
distributions like Guifi Cloudy GNU/Linux (perhaps a good candidate for the 
census) have gone in the right direction of offering the user a service-/cloud-
aware environment.


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