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Re: Debian Derivative: Rescatux

On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 1:04 PM, adrian15 wrote:

> Yes, I suppose the problem is making a proper upstream program

Ah, I didn't know you were also upstream for the software. In that
case you might want to read through our guide for upstream developers
on producing distro-friendly software. There is a lot of good
information in the external links section too.


> What I wanted to remark that when you start from scratch Debian guides on
> how to package software imply that you have an upstream tar.gz so you are a
> bit lost.

That is the usual way to package software; find some existing software
project, start using it, decide it is good enough to package, then
package it. The other way is a fair bit rarer.

> But, well, this was five or seven years ago when I last checked these
> documents so maybe nowadays there has been improvement.

This aspect hasn't changed.

> Well, yes, I meant the other way round. A normal user in his Debian
> installation trying to install Rescapp, downloading all these dependencies
> packages and then nothing working as expected because not being in a live
> system.

My point was that there would be no reason for Rescapp to be broken on
any system, live or not. I don't know how I would even write a program
that wouldn't work when running off read-only media, especially since
all live systems these days have a memory-only read-write layer above
the read-only media. Could you explain the problems you would expect?

> I was wondering if it would be easy (or
> convenient) to make a find/replace on template when you create a new census
> page so that Example is turned into Derivativename.

I expect it would take more time than it would save. If your browser
doesn't support this, feel free to copy and paste to your text editor.

> 2) Why did you uncomment the boot-repair repository? Template says that you
> should present external repository as commented out. Or am I
> mis-understanding it?

I assumed this was your repo. In any case this isn't a common external
repository like deb-multimedia so it is best to include it. I've made
a clarification to the template.

> So maybe if the find/replace on template stated in 1) above is not going to
> be implemented in the short them you could add a notice about the final
> user:
> * Having to replace Example with their Derivativename
> * Not only after colon symbol but before it.
> at the initial comments at CensusTemplate.


> 4) You seemed to forget the TIME thing at the bottom ;).

That is mainly an (imperfect) way to track when the maintainer for the
page did an update.

> 5) From the initial comment lines you only removed the first one.

The rest still apply and are useful reminders.

> If it was the right thing to do (not a mistake) why don't you edit
> CensusTemplate and say after it "and remove this line itself at your final
> DerivateCensus page".




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