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Re: Debian Derivative: Rescatux

El 29/12/13 05:34, Paul Wise escribió:
On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 8:30 AM, adrian15 wrote:

both of them are shown as: "Inmutable page".

This is a long-standing usability issue (#678539/#731694) in MoinMoin.
I've now fixed it in the theme we use and sent upstream a patch for

The first problem is that I should convert it into a package

There is lots of documentation about packaging, this is the official one:

Yes, I suppose the problem is making a proper upstream program before packaging it with all the configure, make, and so on tools but it's on my TODO list.

What I wanted to remark that when you start from scratch Debian guides on how to package software imply that you have an upstream tar.gz so you are a bit lost.

But, well, this was five or seven years ago when I last checked these documents so maybe nowadays there has been improvement.

The second problem is that it has some many dependencies

Each of those would need to be packaged separately.
Yeah, actually most of these dependencies are normal Debian packages.

The third problem is that is a tool ... from a live cd

Live images are just normal installations that live on media that are
read-only and possibly removable. I expect there will be zero issues
or if there are some, they will be easy to fix.
Well, yes, I meant the other way round. A normal user in his Debian installation trying to install Rescapp, downloading all these dependencies packages and then nothing working as expected because not being in a live system.


Welcome to the Debian derivatives census!

Thank you!

I already submitted a draft about what was going there
so I suppose that most everything will be correct.

There were a few issues, I've fixed them.

1) I've seen that most of my problems is about example not being replaced by my distribution codename. I was wondering if it would be easy (or convenient) to make a find/replace on template when you create a new census page so that Example is turned into Derivativename.

2) Why did you uncomment the boot-repair repository? Template says that you should present external repository as commented out. Or am I mis-understanding it?

3) The apt repositories line is confusing because you are removing text inside brackets before the colon. The same happens with Docs about Example for Debian developers.

You know machines find and replace every string on all the text but humans are not like that. We expect not having to change anything in the text before the colon.

So maybe if the find/replace on template stated in 1) above is not going to be implemented in the short them you could add a notice about the final user:

* Having to replace Example with their Derivativename
* Not only after colon symbol but before it.

at the initial comments at CensusTemplate.

4) You seemed to forget the TIME thing at the bottom ;).

5) From the initial comment lines you only removed the first one.

If it was the right thing to do (not a mistake) why don't you edit CensusTemplate and say after it "and remove this line itself at your final DerivateCensus page".

> I note that you aren't
subscribed to the page, which would enable you to be notified when
other people change the page.

Yeah, I forgot to do so. I'm now subscribed.

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