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Re: distrowatch, debtags & Debian derivatives census question

On Mon, 2012-01-30 at 21:28 +0800, Ladislav Bodnar wrote:

> The "redirects" is a very long list of all sorts of things that people
> search for. I think for a few distros that don't match your list with
> mine you can do a quick rename on your side.

Fair enough, I will do that.

> Well, that's good news, but experience taught me that just publishing
> a short news update once every few months doesn't make a distro
> active. What I need is a release. The last one gNewSense made was 2.5
> years ago. They also failed to keep the promise that they'll have a
> new version soon after Sqeeze is out.

Looks like that is in progress:


I'll try to find out what the status is there.

> The file generated tomorrow should include a full list.

Great, thanks.

> Yesterday's page hit numbers, but you won't have them in the updated file.

Ok, thanks for the info.



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