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distrowatch, debtags & Debian derivatives census question


For the Debian derivatives census[1] integration[2] with debtags[3][4],
we wanted some way of ordering the derivatives by popularity. Since
several of the derivatives include a link to the corresponding
distrowatch page, we thought we could interface with distrowatch
somehow. Would it be possible to get a machine-parsible file containing
the redirect short URL[5], the table.php param[6] and some numerical
measure of popularity? The redirect short URL and the table.php
parameter are different for some distributions, for example LMDE[7][8].

     1. http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Census
     2. http://wiki.debian.org/Derivatives/Integration
     3. http://debtags.debian.net/
     4. http://www.enricozini.org/2012/debian/debtags-for-derivatives/
     5. http://distrowatch.com/foo
     6. http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=bar
     7. http://distrowatch.com/lmde
     8. http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=mint



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