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Re: distrowatch, debtags & Debian derivatives census question

On Mon, 2012-01-30 at 21:06 +0800, Ladislav Bodnar wrote:

> LMDE is just an edition of Linux Mint

Yeah, hence why I needed both the redirects and table.php parameters.
The missing entry for tails is also from this (redirects to incognito).

> gNewSense is considered "dormant" so neither of them is on the list.

It doesn't look dormant to me (see the News section):


> I can generate a full list that includes dormant and discontinued
> distros, if you prefer.

That would be more useful, thanks.

> OK, then try http://distrowatch.com/text/fullphr-52.txt

Great, thanks.

One more question; what is the fourth column?



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