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SolusOS - Squeeze Derivative

Hello, not quite sure who to present myself to here :)
I'm Ikey Doherty. You may remember me, original developer of LMDE.

I've moved on a little and I'm working on my own project, SolusOS.
It's a Debian Squeeze(Stable) based distribution. The long term goal
is to have a stable base with new applications, easy installation, usability,
painless codec/driver/firmware installation.

My project is solely run by myself. I've currently managed to release 
my 29th Alpha ISO. I am not sure whether the Debian project needs my
skills/resources, however I am quite willing to contribute to the project
through any discoveries/avenues taken by my own project.

I would like to announce my distro/deriv as an official derivative of
Debian. My intentions for the future regarding Debian are to make
it "stand out from the crowd". i.e. extend its usabilty in all walks.
I can help with anything from installers, to packagekit modules,
gtk customisation, kernel building, upgrade routes/managers, etc.
I'm working on a distro-agnostic driver installer (similar to jockey,
minus the headaches) and a Debian-targeted Software Manager.

Let me know where I can be of help.

Kind Regards,
Ikey Doherty

SolusOS Project Founder

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