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Re: relationship with Ubuntu - call for feedback (not only ARB)


On Mon, Oct 24, 2011 at 10:03:24AM +1100, Karl Goetz wrote:
> > both distributions. Moreso when people have direct upload access to
> > both and can therefore cause delta to be reduced themselves. (Message:
> >    Encourage Ubuntu Developers to get upload privileges in Debian and
> >    vice-versa)
> Even co-maintaining with active partner(s) is a great help. You apply
> the patch, build and test. They build test and upload :) (My point is
> you don't need to get upload yourself in debian to be useful)
Yes, it is great. But in my experience it's even better when you can do
it yourself (in either distro), since you don't need to feel like
you're bothering other people for uploads which in reality are driven by
needs 'on the other side'. 

> >  + Some success in pushing people from MOTU to Debian when they arrive
> >    with new packages. I still have the feeling that getting people
> >    integrated with a team's workflows is inevitably difficult though —
> >    encourage teams to write FAQs for newbies.
> And try to keep it to one faq, and (if possible) one place to look for
> packages to help with. (Although this is probably debian housekeeping
> and not right for this thread).

Well, my point is that every team has somewhat-unique ways of working,
which can be confusing and/or frustrating when asking people to work in
Debian. These FAQs would probably consist of mainly links to other
documents, but would speak about packaging conventions, VCS locations
(and which VCS used), how to request sponsorship and so on.

As you say, Debian internal, but something that if collected in a
standard location (linked to the pages off wiki.d.o/Teams, for example),
would allow newbies to help themselves a lot.

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