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Re: DEX update

2011/6/10 Nathan Handler <nhandler@ubuntu.com>:

> 24M     gcl

Are you sure about that? The patch is pretty tiny:


> 23M     binutils-z80

2 RC bugs in Debian. Includes a uuencoded upstream tarball in the
Ubuntu patch, eep. In Debian it build-depends on binutils-source
instead of embedding a copy of the code and IMO it should stay that
way and Ubuntu should switch to that. The addition of the
--disable-werror configure option looks like it should be added to the
Debian package too.

> 11M     mathgl

1 RC bug in Debian. Again, the patch is tiny. Looks like part of the
patch is already merged into Debian:


> 3.3M    python2.4

Probably drop this since we removed python2.4 before squeeze. In any
case doko should be working on the delta of python packages because
IIRC he maintains python in both Ubuntu and Debian.

> 2.6M    console-setup

1 RC bug in Debian. This is truly a big patch.

> 2.3M    aptitude

1 RC bug in Debian. Massive patch.

Kernel removal prevention can probably be dropped. Debian already
never autoremoves kernels, but we do it in apt instead of aptitude and
cover all the Ubuntu cases: /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/01autoremove

Contains an intltool update patch. I would suggest running intltool at
build time instead.

Contains a branding patch. Maybe aptitude should add plugins to allow
branding or drop Debian from its strings to make it more

Contains a patch to prevent FTBFS with -Werror when using the gcc
fortify stuff. This should get merged and -Werror turned off if it is

Contains a patch to the strings to make it say sudo instead of su for
getting root. aptitude should get fixed so that it uses the value of
Get-Root-Command to determine which strings to print.

Lots of other bug fixes and translation updates.

A weird patch that re-does everything from the dpatch patches as a
dpkg-source v3 patch.

A .pc directory containing quilt-internal stuff, including a complete
.pot file, all the translations and other bits related to the intltool

> 1.9M    gnome-randr-applet

1 RC bug in Debian.

A .pc directory with quilt-internal stuff.

One patch that simply removes -DGDK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED, it should have
never been there in the first place.

I stopped there.



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