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Re: DEX update

On Thu, Jun 02, 2011 at 12:07:11PM +0100, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> I've been a bit busy with work and life recently, and wanted to catch
> up with DEX and discuss what's happening.

Thanks for this useful summary.

> = Ubuntu: ancient-patches =
> sysklogd.no-root.diff (Closed)
>     Now merged into Debian sid.  However, Martin Pitt pointed out that this
>     could now be greatly simplified thanks to newer functionality in the
>     Linux kernel.  I think that further improvement is beyond the scope of
>     DEX, though, so I'm considering this done.


> = Ubuntu: big-merges =
> Based on discussion at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, the consensus was that
> this should be our next primary focus.
> The mission is to identify the top N packages in terms of the
> size/complexity/agony of the delta between Debian and Ubuntu, and do
> whatever is needed to bring the packages into sync.
> This project needs a champion!  It could be you!  Will you volunteer?

I've seen from another mail that Nathan is going forward on this and I
think diff size is a nice heuristic to start with. Maybe one could add a
pass of filtering to remove "usual suspects" such as changes in
generated "./configure" or the like, to avoid potential false positives.

> = Ubuntu: python2.7 transition =
> Meanwhile, Allison has proposed an Ubuntu DEX project to coordinate the
> Python 2.6→2.7 transition:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-derivatives/2011/05/msg00020.html
> This will involve not only merging patches from Ubuntu into Debian, but also
> fixing problems in Debian directly to avoid creating a delta in the first
> place.

ACK. I've discussed a bit with Allison this possibility (with a brief
exchange on this list first and then on IRC) and she is going to
coordinate this with -python. I'm happy that Piotr has given his
availability as a sponsor (as usual). Who knows, maybe we'll even have
some DM/NM applications from the Ubuntu camp out of this (hint hint :)),
to reduce the likelihood of creation further Python-related deltas in
the future.

> = Infrastructure =
> In particular, pushing to the git repository no longer updates the website,
> because ikiwiki is not installed.  This is noted as an "open question" in
> the Alioth migration status document at http://titanpad.com/yyhfwA9Pyr.
> If someone knows how to work around this, it would be greatly appreciated,
> as we can't update the website until it is fixed, and there is no ETR.

Have anyone asked directly the Alioth admins if there is an ETA for this
fix and/or a way we can help? I can think to some workaround, but it'd
be pointless if the fix is expected RSN.

> = DebConf =
> There will be several people from this list at DebConf, and there is a DEX
> BoF session registered.  It's a bit hard to link to, but is listed on
> https://penta.debconf.org/penta/submission/dc11/all_events
> If you're attending DebConf, please plan to join the BoF.  I unfortunately
> won't be able to attend myself due to scheduling conflicts, but Stefano and
> others will be there who I'm confident can make good use of the opportunity
> to work together in person.

I've retitled the event to be more DEX-oriented when Matt was still
supposed to attend DebConf. If it's me that is going to host the event
(as it seems), I'm rather going to have a more general event presenting
the various -derivatives initiatives which have been going on during the
past year. There will be a DEX part, of course, and Matt has kindly
agreed to help me out in preparing material for it.

If someone on this list is going to attend DebConf and has strong
feelings about having a DEX-only event, please let me know. You're still
on time for hijacking the event :-)

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