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Re: Debian access to bugs in Launchpad?

On Thu, 09 Jun 2011, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> To me, this implies that there is a class of DDs who are interested enough
> in Ubuntu to comment on bugs, but not interested enough to register for an
> account.
> What do you think, and why?  If you're a member of this class, I'd like to
> hear from you, and understand your views.

It's worth nothing that DD can receive Launchpad bugs by email via the PTS
and the natural way for them to help is to reply to that email.

So it would be nice if this worked without having to resort to
activate/create an account. Also changing status info by email also
has stronger requirements that are not met by just activating the
account, IIRC you have to register a GPG key and sign your mails.

I have created such an account but was surprised to discover that
while I could close bugs with "fix released" I could not close them with
"wontfix" and that for this I had to be part of ~ubuntubug-control.

Those are small hurdles when you just want to help triage bugs on your own
package (dpkg in my case).

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