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Debian access to bugs in Launchpad?

I'd like to have a discussion about how Launchpad could better support
cross-distro teamwork between Debian and Ubuntu, specifically on bugs.

= Background =

(ski[pm] this if you're already familiar with the issues)

Launchpad's access control model is pretty different from debbugs, and by
this I mean it's similar to most other bug trackers.  Launchpad requires
registration for most actions, such as commenting on a bug.  This is great
for controlling spam, and allows for many useful features, but it does
create a hurdle for contribution.  This tradeoff has worked well for Ubuntu
itself, but Debian/Ubuntu cooperation may have different issues.

Some Debian developers, who are particularly interested in cooperation with
Ubuntu, have registered Launchpad accounts and use them to comment on bugs.
This arrangement seems to work fine for these cases, and is judged to be
worth the effort of registering.

Similarly, the maintainer of a particular Debian package will usually take
the time to register with the upstream bug tracker, so that they can forward
bugs and so on.  Because they have a specific interest in that package, this
seems worth the effort.

However, a Debian maintainer who has no specific interest in a given
upstream, or in Ubuntu, is unlikely to register in that project's bug

In the upstream case, this is probably harmless, because it's rare that the
maintainer will care about what goes on in a random upstream bug tracker.
In the Ubuntu case, because of the similarities between Debian and Ubuntu
(including their own packages), there is routine overlap.

= Question =

It has been proposed that Launchpad should allow Debian developers and
maintainers to comment on bugs without registering:

The stated hypothesis is that if this were allowed, then Debian developers
would use it, and this would be good for Debian and Ubuntu.

To me, this implies that there is a class of DDs who are interested enough
in Ubuntu to comment on bugs, but not interested enough to register for an

What do you think, and why?  If you're a member of this class, I'd like to
hear from you, and understand your views.

If you know someone in Debian who is, please forward this email to them and
ask for their input.

 - mdz

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