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Re: DEX update

On Jun 03, 2011, at 11:03 AM, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:

>didn't Jakub alone file dozens of bugs *after* Ubuntu released with 2.7?

I don't know about the timing, but I certainly didn't mean to imply that I was
the only one fixing bugs related to Python 2.7 support!  Just that the ones I
did fix, I tried to be conscientious about reporting to Debian.  I probably
could have done better, but I did try. ;)

>It's still not that bad compared to previous transitions, though (at
>least I didn't see¹ "-I /usr/include/python2.6/" hardcoded for all Python
>versions this time) but 10 minutes ago I recommended to yet another
>co-worker to switch to python2.6 (which fixed the problem, BTW) or to
>Debian when he came to me with random segfaults after upgrading his

I'm glad this transition is going at least a little bit more smoothly!  Also
note that not all packages can even build for multiple versions of Python,
regardless of distro.

>[¹] I still point ScottK to funny "fixes" when I find them,
>    poor guy even tried to convince others to let Debian do the
>    transition during last UDS (I guess he's tired of my whining about
>    it all the time ;)

ScottK and Doko both made convincing arguments that Ubuntu should not drop
Python 2.6 until Debian completes its transition to Python 2.7 as default.
However, we really don't want to carry Python 2.6 into the next LTS, so our
drop dead date is early in the 12.04 cycle.  If Debian completes the
transition by August 11 (Oneiric's feature freeze) then we can still drop
Python 2.6 this cycle.


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