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Re: DEX update

On Jun 02, 2011, at 02:04 PM, Piotr Ożarowski wrote:

>[Matt Zimmerman, 2011-06-02]
>> = Ubuntu: python2.7 transition =
>> Meanwhile, Allison has proposed an Ubuntu DEX project to coordinate the
>> Python 2.6→2.7 transition:
>> http://lists.debian.org/debian-derivatives/2011/05/msg00020.html
>> This will involve not only merging patches from Ubuntu into Debian, but also
>> fixing problems in Debian directly to avoid creating a delta in the first
>> place.
>Please lower this one's priority or make sure someone reviews these
>patches before submitting to Debian.
>.oO(Fortunately most Python transition problems are usually not detected
>    by Ubuntu guys so they're fixed in Ubuntu after automatic sync)

I *think* I've at least submitted bugs to Debian for all the packages I fixed
when Ubuntu switched to Python 2.7 as default in 11.04.  Of course, I might
have missed some.  Also, more upstream packages are improving their Python 2.7
support, so sync'ing to new upstream releases will also fix many packages.


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