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Re: ML improvement proposition (Re: SMTP 550 on replies to bugs)

On Mon, 17 Sep 2007, Oleg Verych (Gmane) wrote:
> When i want simply to help, i get 550, when stupid spam wants to get
> to the list it gets there. Something is wrong, unless spam isn't
> stupid.

The only spam that gets through is the spam that is sent to unarchived
bugs, of course.

> I was talking about nice technical solution for e-mail sending/spam
> handling. In short:
> * Allow messages, that have "In-reply-to" and "References" with valid
>   message-id's (SHOULD in rfc2822) to pass to bts/ml freely.

This isn't even required; if you want to be sure that your message
gets through, use an X-Debbugs- header or subscribe to the whitelist.
Everything else significantly increases the barrier to sending mail to
the BTS and the mailing lists. While subscribers-only is a valid
response to spam, it's not one that I personally plan on implementing
for the BTS (and one I rather doubt other listmasters would agree with
for mailing lists either.)

Don Armstrong

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