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ML improvement proposition (Re: SMTP 550 on replies to bugs)

(-devel was added in case if somebody is interested)

06-09-2007, Don Armstrong:
> On Thu, 06 Sep 2007, Oleg Verych (Gmane) wrote:
>> Should i reopen/post/close? Or additional info just not needed for
>> "thousands of users and indexing search engines"?
> If there's a valid reason to add more information to the bug, or if
> the bug hasn't actually been fixed, then unarchive it.

When i want simply to help, i get 550, when stupid spam wants to get to
the list it gets there. Something is wrong, unless spam isn't stupid.

>> On related topic. Is implementing in-reply-to/references checks,
>> i've mentioned some time ago is no-go for BTS technically?
> Checks for what?
> If you're talking about threading in the bugreport.cgi display, that's
> something I'd like to do, but it's quite a ways down the todo list.
> If you're talking about munging the messages sent to the bts itself,
> no, that's not something I'm planning on implementing.

No, that's in the past. You don't want message to be threaded, whatever.

I was talking about nice technical solution for e-mail sending/spam
handling. In short:

* Allow messages, that have "In-reply-to" and "References" with valid
  message-id's (SHOULD in rfc2822) to pass to bts/ml freely.

* Opening new threads in MLs requires a ticket.

  - ticket is a message (can be in the 550 error text, btw)
    that shows what must be put in "In-reply-to" to have thread opened,

  - ordinary spam filtering may be applied to the first message even
    with valid ticket,

  - in case of `smart' spam, i.e. real spam with valid "In-reply-to" and
    stuff, blacklist smart spammers.

* In case of slowness of validating message ids due to huge amount of
  them, limit archive time of threads to 3 or 4 months. Error message
  in 550 this time must be "open new thread, please". OTOH, Gmane
  operates the load, that's times bigger, that any debian's ML or even
  whole lists. And this is only one `inn`, if i understand this correctly.

* It brings threading to mails in BTS automatically. If people
  don't reply to messages, that already are there, it's spam or misuse
  of e-mail.

* All spam i ever saw in here (MLs) and in my inbox, is stupid spam.
  I.e. it has stupid ms outlook headers or non at all.

You've said, that you don't want to write yet another mailing list
software. So be it, with lot of CPU power burned in spamassasin, lots of
stupid spam in the mailing list(s). Requesting more humans to operate
mailing lists isn't that i expect in dealing with reality of the XXI

 #oo'L O
<___=E M

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