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Re: SMTP 550 on replies to bugs

* 06-09-2007, Adam D. Barratt:
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> Hi,


> Oleg Verych (Gmane) wrote:
>> Hallo.
>> Is it new policy to closed bugs or what? If it is, it's very sad,
>> that i can't contribute info, replying to users ccing bts, as in reply-to.
> [...]
>> <435723@bugs.debian.org>: host bugs.debian.org[] said:
>>    550 unknown user (in reply to RCPT TO command)
> Not closed bugs, rather archived bugs.

How quickly. Uh, this time... Yes, completely useless archives-on-web
is just waste of it, while Gmane is surely kick-ass in reading
everything, including backlogs/archives.

> And no, it's not new. Archived bugs haven't accepted mail for as long as I
> can remember. Of course there was a long period where bugs weren't getting
> archived but that was a technical issue rather than policy.

Should i reopen/post/close? Or additional info just not needed for
"thousands of users and indexing search engines"?

While policy problems i left out, subject, to, or other header magic
would be fine technically.

On related topic. Is implementing in-reply-to/references checks, i've
mentioned some time ago is no-go for BTS technically?


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