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Re: Headers in resent messages

20-07-2007, Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> пишет:
> On Fri, 20 Jul 2007, Oleg Verych wrote:
>> One thing i've noticed, that posts to the same bug report can be not
>> threaded (in MUA's sense). That is where somebody is replying to
>> other messages in report, not necessarily last. But they all are one
>> thread in bug report anyway, thus adding resent-message-id(s) (from
>> last, and possibly previous to last) to the references field of
>> another resent to ML message, will thread them.
> Munging the In-Reply-To: and References: headers in debbugs is really
> not a good idea.

IOW. Only adding (one or two) message-id(s) to References in the order
messages appear in bug report to the resent message. Thus reading
mailing list with forwarded bug messages will have more sense because
of threading one-bug's messages.

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