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Re: spam fighting and the bts

On Sun, Apr 04, 2004 at 10:19:24AM +0200, Philipp Kern wrote:
> Blars Blarson said:
> > 	Use DSBL to block mail.  Are we willing to do this?  Needs
> > help from debian-admin.

I checked this, of the 120 bugs with messages listed that hit the DSBL
check, only one was spam.

> Blitzed OPM[1] is a rather tiny open-proxy list, but a trusted source for
> many mailservers. Most of the email admins consider a reject based of its
> data as save. They also provide AXFR/IXFR to others.
> Perhaps something to consider?

Blitzed has the problems of being tiny and specialized.  I was set up
for use by IRC servers, so doesn't include things like open relays.
If it doesn't catch a significant portion of the spam, it wouldn't be
worth doing.

I wouldn't want to use it for blocking mail without doing a similar
check.  Adding another remote DNS query for is what we want to avoid
at the moment.

With the disabled checks, spamscan seems to be just barly keeping up.

Blars Blarson			blarson@blars.org
With Microsoft, failure is not an option.  It is a standard feature.

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