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Re: Canonicalising suites

On 13780 March 1977, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Depending on the outcome of that review, it may be that something
> needs some more information from the dak database.

Good good.

I just took another bit of time and got the json output working. Add
&f=json and you get json output. (Actually &f takes any argument, it
forces json, but better go with json, we might decide to support more
than just this).

Now, its not entirely the same as without &f, json output differs
slightly (besides being parseable): It shows the source package name and
version, and also gives the component (main/contrib/non-free).

Format is currently:
package -> suite -> version -> [ component, architectures, source,
                                 source_version ]

with everything being a string, except for architectures, thats an array
of strings.

bye, Joerg
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