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Re: Canonicalising suites

On 13778 March 1977, joerg@debian.org wrote:

>>The latter is perfect, provided (a) you don't mind me parsing the
>>plain text (b) you don't mind me periodically (maybe once a day?)
>>querying for every package in NEW.
> I DO mind parsing plain text. Thats just sick.
> Ansgar already said on IRC, that adding json output isn't hard to do.

First off all, that sounds more harsh than it should, sorry.

Second, to your (b): You can do that in one query with the madison part
of the api. Just provide the list of packages space seperated. Like


will give you all stuff for all those three. For more possible options:

  b ->  only show info for binary TYPE
  c ->  only show info for COMPONENT(s)
  s ->  only show info for this suite
  S ->  show info for the binary children of source pkgs

> If that is there, are your needs currently all in the api?

Thats open.

bye, Joerg
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