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Re: smart upload server

>> > I'm still fairly unhappy with the idea of needing special support for
>> > uploading packages as a whole.  Can someone re-outline what this
>> > actually wins us over simply rewriting debianqueued in a sensible manner
>> > and continuing to allow simple, generic, anonymous ftp access?
>> instant feedback. Imagine I upload a *.dsc file with the wrong
>> checksum for the orig tarball. It would be possible with the new
>> (synchronous) smart upload server to immediately reject the upload
>> after sending the *.dsc.
> I still question whether needing custom upload software is more of a
> loss than instant feedback is a win.  Also, that only applies on an
> initial upload containing the orig as machines which aren't ftp-master
> (i.e. our other upload queue machines) can't check projectb for already
> existing files.

Not yet. :)
But they can run lintian and do a lot of the other sanity checks we are

Also, getting rid of ftp is a win too.

bye, Joerg
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