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Re: Proposal for a new CDD project: Debian4Linux

I don't see what this project might do that shouldn't be a part of standard Debian.
Doesn't everyone want Debian to be easy to use and easy to configure.

Debian already works very well for business. Yes, I could be better, but everything you are suggesting would help the individual with 3 or 4 computer in his home or the business with 20 desktops and 5 servers.

Arjan van Eersel wrote:

I would like to start a new CDD project called Debian4Business.

I'm talking about the way people use the installed system. These are people with no prior linux experience. Especially for them things should just work or at least easy to configure.

Most small- and midsized companies don't have a permanent system manager. Hence it's very important that things work out of the box, both on the desktops and servers. And that all server tasks are easy to configure.

I believe there is definetely a 'market' for a business oriented linux based on open source/GPL/Debian social-contract, maintained for and by it's users instead of a commercial base. The open source/GPL/DSC concept works for individuals, so
why it wouldn't/couldn't work for businesses?

My goal with this project is to create a CDD that provides it's users with the tools they need to easily install and use the things a small and mid-sized business needs in their working environment. This goes for both server and desktop tasks. I'm talking here about things like authentication through LDAP/SMB, centralised distribution of packages (who wants to update ever desktop manually?), backup solutions, asterisk or openpbx for voip, etc etc. Of course it should also include the common office tools, like an office package (openoffice), email, groupware, etc etc. I can't say yet what the CDD should contain exactly, because I'm still doing my research on that and I need a lot of input for that. I can talk myself only about the experience that I have within my own company.

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