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Re: Proposal for a new CDD project: Debian4Linux

On Thu, 19 Apr 2007, Arjan van Eersel wrote:

And I think a CDD (because it's still Debian and not some fork) is the
right way to step in this.

I absolutely agree with this statement.

My goal with this project is to create a CDD that provides it's users with the
tools they need to easily install and use the things a small and mid-sized business
needs in their working environment. This goes for both server and desktop tasks.
I'm talking here about things like authentication through LDAP/SMB, centralised
distribution of packages (who wants to update ever desktop manually?), backup
solutions, asterisk or openpbx for voip, etc etc. Of course it should also include
the common office tools, like an office package (openoffice), email, groupware, etc
etc. I can't say yet what the CDD should contain exactly, because I'm still doing
my research on that and I need a lot of input for that. I can talk myself only
about the experience that I have within my own company.

I'm afraid that you will have to start by turning your own experience
into code (perhaps building some meta packages using cdd-dev, defining
DebTags for your project and tag the relevant packages, etc.) before you
will get a certain amount of input.  My experience from the Debian-Med
project is that the first year is the hardest if you start such a project
and that your hardest task is "to hire a crew for your ship".  You have
to announce your project.  I would like to give you the explicite hint
to read


which summarizes the experiences of Ben Armstrong (who started Debian-Jr
and me).

I would very much like to hear the opinions of the developer community.The first
-and very important- step to be taken is to form a group of people that support
this goal and are willing to work on it.

Right.  And it is sometimes not enouth that people are willing - they
need enough time to be able to work down their personal todo list down
to the point where your project is ranked.  I found several people
who really liked Debian-Med but who had other projects with higher
priority.  So your main task is to make the project attractive enough
to make people ranking your project high on their todo list. ;-)

If there are no major objections I will start to get things going.

I do not think that you will face objections.  Free software and especially
Debian is a so called "Do-o-cracy" (= the doer decides) and if you decide to
do things you regard important nobody will stop you.

I already started to do 'market' research and make a first 'whishlist' of what
potential users want to use and what is their idea about such system. I very much
believe in this project and the potential of it.

Good luck



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