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Re: Preseeding and options - default or profile.preseed?

Hello again everybody at debian-custom!

As I proceed with the installation, new questions arises... ;-)
Now I want to copy some files from the installation CD (already included on the simple-cdd directory) to the installed system, and execute a script to unpack this files on the new user account (also already created on the installation process). What I am doing is this:


tar xvfz $ROOT_DIR/program-1.23.tar.gz

cd program-1.23; perl Makefile.PL;make;make install

su - user -c "tar xvf $ROOT_DIR/file.tar"

su - user -c "perl ~/new_dir/script.pl``

The problem is ROOT_DIR; I don`t know when the installer is going to call this script, so I dont know what is mounted where and what is not. 
Is my way correct? Or what is the correct way to do it?
Also, I want, for example, to add a sudoer (the user that I created) on the new system. Do I have to copy a sudoers file to the system after the installation that I previously created, or there is a ``debian-way`` to do it?

Thank you very much!


2007/4/5, Ivan Paganini <ispmarin@gmail.com>:
Hello again...

1) I`m getting the syslog - but as I am testing this in kvm virtual machine, I am learning how to copy a file from there...

2) When the packages names are included in the default.packages, the packages are installed in the ``Installing basic system`` part. If they are selected with the tasksel in the preseed, they are installed in the ``adding packages`` part. Both ways, the packages are installed.

3) The path worked right! The files are there. I will try with multiple files. Is there a way to include directories?

4) The Splash worked right also! Thank you.

Vagrant, very thank you, and thank everybody on the list...


2007/4/5, vagrant@freegeek.org <vagrant@freegeek.org>:
On Thu, Apr 05, 2007 at 11:02:35AM -0300, Ivan Paganini wrote:
> Here is what happened last night:
> 1) Including the packages that I nedd in default.packages or profile.packages,
> and then adding the command below in default.preseed
> d-i pkgsel/include string x-window-system lirc
> (where x-window-system and lirc are the packages that I want installed) done
> the trick. Thank you very much, again! ;-)

you really should not need to add that line to your preseed. anything in
default.packages or selected profiles/*.packages files should get queued
for installation with apt-install as part of the simple-cdd-profiles
udeb postinst script.

please post your /var/log/installer/syslog somewhere, i would really
like to take a look at it.

> 2) The Splash did not worked! Uncommenting the line SPLASH on simple-cdd.conf
> and putting the image (PNG, 640x480), simple-cdd just gave me
> /root/etch-simple-cdd/tmp//debian-cd/tools/boot/etch/boot-i386: line 197:
> pngtopnm: command not found
> /root/etch-simple-cdd/tmp//debian-cd/tools/boot/etch/boot-i386: line 197:
> ppmquant: command not found
> /root/etch-simple-cdd/tmp//debian-cd/tools/boot/etch/boot-i386: line 198:
> ppmtolss16: command not found
> but, if I comment again the line, everything works normal
> again... but this is not critical.

install the netpbm (for pngtopnm, ppmquant) and syslinux (for
ppmtolss16) packages. these packages are recommended by debian-cd.

> I
> am seeking for the boot splash image, not only in install. The rest of the installer can be the debian-install standard, but I am
> thinking in subsequent normal boots after the install... grub splash image? I
> understand
> that this is related to the grub package, but

i don't know, hopefully others have more of an idea how to configure

> I am in doubt how to include the
> splash.png in the CD. I am trying to use the simple-cdd.conf all_extras to
> include my files, but with no success. The files are placed in the simple-cdd
> directory in the iso, correct? But I cannot include any files.
> # extra files to include onto the CD
> # these will get copied to /simple-cdd dir on the CD
> all_extras="file_1.png"

use the full path ... i.e.:




live well,

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Ivan S. P. Marin
Laboratório de Física Computacional
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