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Preseeding and options - default or profile.preseed?

Hello again folks at debian-custom!

I'm happy to say that I managed to use the simple-cdd to build a Debian installation CD. Thanks!
But now I have some new questions:

1) I want to set the keyboard layout, the language and other debconf instructions. What is the order of precedence of the files default.preseed, my-profile.preseed and the KERNEL_PARAMETERS? What do I have to put in the default, in the my-profile and in the Kernelparameters? A link to a howto or else would be very appreciated.

2) I managed to include the xfce (for example) packages in the CD, but I wanted to install it during the installation. The tasksel Desktop will install it? Or what other option do I have to set? What is the options that I have to set to install specific packages?

3) Can I suppress completely the network part of the installer? I dont want to use network at all, so there is a way to remove the netcfg installation or just set all the options to some settings?

I am using Debian etch on a i386 platform.

Thank you very much!

Ivan S. P. Marin
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