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Re: Preseeding and options - default or profile.preseed?

On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 12:00:37PM -0300, Ivan Paganini wrote:
> Hello again folks at debian-custom!

> I'm happy to say that I managed to use the simple-cdd to build a Debian
> installation CD. Thanks!

great :)

> But now I have some new questions:

good questions, indeed...

> 1) I want to set the keyboard layout, the language and other debconf
> instructions. 

i would recommend using the --locale commandline option or setting
locale= in profiles/*.conf (you only need to set it in one). i.e. to set
the locale settings to spanish in the US:

 ./build-simple-cdd --locale es_US

in profiles/default.conf:

it's my understanding that --locale should handle language, country and
keyboard settings in most situations, but there's also --language and
--country, which might need to be updated to work with etch.  i haven't
tested it myself, but there's --keyboard too.

all of these options modify KERNEL_PARAMS, so there is no need to do
that manually.

> What is the order of precedence of the files default.preseed,
> my-profile.preseed and the KERNEL_PARAMETERS? 

the order of events is sort of like this...

1. KERNEL_PARAMS modifies the boot prompt, so is effective immediately.

2. language/country settings kick in

3. default.preseed is loaded

4. then other *.preseed files are loaded.

whatever loads last (*.preseed) overrides debconf questions, except for
things like language/country settings, which kick in before any
preseeding is loaded.

> What do I have to put in the default, in the my-profile and in the
> Kernelparameters? 

it's a little difficult to explain exactly...

almost all debconf questions should go into default.preseed or
my-profile.preseed. default.preseed always gets loaded, and the other
*.preseed (i.e. my-profile.preseed) files only get loaded when you
select those profiles.

if you're only making a CD with a single profile, feel free to put
everything into profiles/default.*

the only things that need to go in KERNEL_PARAMS are things that happen
before the simple-cdd-profiles udeb is loaded, such as language, country
and keyboard settings.

> A link to a howto or else would be very appreciated.

see the documentation for debian-installer for all your various
preseeding options:


most all of these can go into default.preseed or *.preseed

> 2) I managed to include the xfce (for example) packages in the CD, but I wanted
> to install it during the installation. The tasksel Desktop will install it? Or
> what other option do I have to set? What is the options that I have to set to
> install specific packages?
there isn't any integration into tasksel at the moment. so what you
probably want to do is ...

tasksel --task-packages xfce-desktop >> profiles/my-profile.packages

that should be about the same as selecting the task.

i might work on some sort of profiles/*.tasks method in the near future.

> 3) Can I suppress completely the network part of the installer? I dont want to
> use network at all, so there is a way to remove the netcfg installation or just
> set all the options to some settings?

i know it can be done, i don't remember how. see the debian-installer
preseeding documentation mentioned above for suggestions.

hope that explains things, some of it is a little complicated...

live well,

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