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Re: Preseeding and options - default or profile.preseed?

Hello again,

Now just in debian-custom ;-) Sorry!

Here is what happened last night:
1) Including the packages that I nedd in default.packages or profile.packages, and then adding the command below in default.preseed
d-i pkgsel/include string x-window-system lirc
(where x-window-system and lirc are the packages that I want installed) done the trick. Thank you very much, again! ;-)

2) The Splash did not worked! Uncommenting the line SPLASH on simple-cdd.conf and putting the image (PNG, 640x480), simple-cdd just gave me

/root/etch-simple-cdd/tmp//debian-cd/tools/boot/etch/boot-i386: line 197: pngtopnm: command not found
/root/etch-simple-cdd/tmp//debian-cd/tools/boot/etch/boot-i386: line 197: ppmquant: command not found
/root/etch-simple-cdd/tmp//debian-cd/tools/boot/etch/boot-i386: line 198: ppmtolss16: command not found
FAILED: error 127
Failed to start disc 1, error 32512
make: ** [image-trees] Erro 9
purging /root/etch-simple-cdd/tmp//extras
including description: /root/etch-simple-cdd/profiles/x-basic.description
simple-cdd: extra files for simple-cdd
find: /root/etch-simple-cdd/tmp//cd-build/etch/CD1/pool: Arquivo ou diretório não encontrado
ERROR: missing required packages from profile default: less debootstrap
ERROR: missing required packages from profile default: simple-cdd-profiles
WARNING: missing optional packages from profile default: grub popularity-contest localization-config console-tools usbutils acpi acpid eject lvm2 mdadm cryptsetup reiserfsprogs jfsutils xfsprogs type-handling debootstrap
ERROR: missing required packages from profile x-basic: xfce4 rxvt-unicode menu xdm xbase-clients xorg lirc xserver-xorg-input-all xserver-xorg-video-all
WARNING: missing optional packages from profile x-basic: type-handling
but, if I comment again the line, everything works normal again... but this is not critical.
I am seeking for the boot splash image, not only in install. The rest of the installer can be the debian-install standard, but I am thinking in subsequent normal boots after the install... grub splash image? I understand that this is related to the grub package, but I am in doubt how to include the  splash.png in the CD. I am trying to use the simple-cdd.conf all_extras to include my files, but with no success. The files are placed in the simple-cdd directory in the iso, correct? But I cannot include any files.

# extra files to include onto the CD
# these will get copied to /simple-cdd dir on the CD

Thank everybody very much!


2007/4/5, vagrant@freegeek.org < vagrant@freegeek.org>:
On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 11:13:26PM -0300, Ivan Paganini wrote:
> Sorry to be so insistent, but I forgot some of my doubts in the last email...
> 1) The keyboard is still a bit shady for me. I am using
> console-data console-data/keymap/qwerty/layout select US american
> console-data console-data/keymap/family select qwerty
>  on the default.preseed package, but dont know if it is correct.

i don't think you need to set the keyboard anymore- i think
debian-installer should guess this from locale settings, unless it
guesses incorrectly.

also, i'm not sure if these are the right debconf questions anymore-
they may be leftovers from sarge.

> 2) I want also to include some files (scripts) in the image, and execute this
> scripts at the end of installation. How can I insert this files on the iso?

profiles/*.postinst will get copied to the installed system and run
during the "finish-install" phase of the install process.

> 3) Does anybody have any experience with using simple-cdd and splash and boot
> screens? I think that if this works, would be a nice thing to do... ;-)

see SPLASHPNG in simple-cdd.conf to set the boot splash, i'm not sure
about other parts of the install.

> 4) The localization part is almost working, I am just trying to set everything
> right. The problem is with the packages... all the packages get inside the CD
> image, but there are not installed - the section Selecting and Installing
> packages just fails. The default.packages includes the packages on the distro,
> but does not install then.

please look in /var/log/installer/syslog to see if there are error
messages regarding the packages you wanted to install. noteably, you
should not include linux-image* packages in profiles/*.packages

live well,

p.s. please just write to the debian-custom list, not to me directly.

Ivan S. P. Marin
Laboratório de Física Computacional
Instituto de Física de São Carlos - USP
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