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Re: Google Summer of Code 2006

On Thu, 20 Apr 2006 11:24:12 +0200 Free Ekanayaka wrote:

> If you  we  limit our scope  to full-Debian  CDDs, which  contain only
> official Debian   packages and are released  when  Debian is released,
> probably PDK is overkill,

...which _is_ the scope of CDDs.

CDD is an ambiguitive abbreviation, but the project behind the term has
explicitly declared a goal of "all within Debian". So interpreting CDD
as "Custom [repackaging or extensions of the] Debian Distribution" is
wrong. The correct interpretation is "Custom [subset of the] Debian

Please note, that I welcome repackaging and extending Debian. Just
please do not confuse things by misusing a term already defined for
something else: It is then a _derived_ distribution, not a CDD.

Your main point still stands: PDK might be relevant as a tool both for
CDDs and for derived distributions.

 - Jonas

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