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Re: Google Summer of Code 2006

|--==> Andreas Tille writes:

  AT> On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  >>in the last couple of week I've found the time to  dig into the source
  >>code of PDK from Progeny:
  >>What about trying to all push on it?

  AT> I have doubts that this would ever be a Debian internal technique because
  AT> it was not designed as such a tool.  It sounds interesting but it draws
  AT> us farer away from the goal to keep each Custom Debian Distribution as
  AT> a subset of Debian.

Well, I  think that the force of  PDK is that is  a rather general and
flexible  tool,   which  can   be    used  both   to generate    fully
Debian-contained CDDs, which are released when Debian is released, and
"independent" derivatives too,  where   external means that   1) there
might be additional packages which are  not included in Debian 2) they
have a different release schedule than Debian. So it's a matter of how
you use it..

  AT>  So nothing against PDK but it will probably not work
  AT> for CDD development.  For instance I do not see a way to make use of
  AT> Debtags in PDK which I would really like to see in CDD tools.

Actually there are plans to add support  for it (I suggested it myself
[0]:), and it would be relatively easy.



[0] see http://lists.progeny.com/archive/cl-workers/200604/msg00000.html

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