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Re: Feedback about the cdd-dev package and more...

|--==> Andreas Tille writes:

  AT> On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:
  AT> Well, I'm sure that this will work if you tag the packages which is definitely
  AT> a good approach but subgrouping also works in the current system if you
  AT> put this entry after "menu::" into the menu files.  That's all I wanted
  AT> to say.
  >>But you may need other package specific info, and then you have to add
  >>more  files and   things  get more   complex. I  feel  it's  not  that

  AT> You are right, my solution does not scale very well.

  AT> Would it be a problem to move this to
  AT> /usr/share/cdd/#CDDNAME#/menu       ?
  AT> At least this is the place we agreed to.
  >>I've considered it, don't  think I'm a total  anarchist. But AFAIK the
  >>update-menus script  doesn't  look  for   (executable) files  in   the
  >>directory  you  mention. It does     look for  (executable) files   in

  AT> But it does not have to look for executable files or more precisely: it
  AT> *should* not look for executables.  There is only a single executable in
  AT>      /usr/share/menu/cdd-menu
  AT> This parses /usr/share/cdd/*/menu and builds user menus.  Just check out
  AT> the SVN version from alioth (sorry, viewcvs cgi seems not to work for
  AT> a direct link :-().  

Don't worry I've a SVN working copy of cdd-dev :)

For Debian SVN web view use:


  AT> The idea behind this script is to check whether
  AT> the CDD maintainer has provided an "override" menu entry in
  AT>            /usr/share/cdd/#CDDNAME#/menu
  AT> If not the "normal" menu entry for a package in /usr/{lib,share}/menu is taken.

Ok I'll have a look at it.

  >>I've  patched  tasksel to  support  executable  .desc,  and there's  a
  >>wishlist item for this:

  AT> Well done.  I was waiting for an "unpatched" solution in official
  AT> Debian package to implement it in cdd-dev.  In principle the code
  AT> is ready to have this also in cdd-dev.  Do you think this bug will
  AT> be closed soon?

I think it will  be delayed until  sarge is released.  But we can push
for it, it's a really minor change and it's really bug free.



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