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Re: Feedback about the cdd-dev package and more...

On Fri, 3 Dec 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

 AT> Well, I'm sure that this will work if you tag the packages which is definitely
 AT> a good approach but subgrouping also works in the current system if you
 AT> put this entry after "menu::" into the menu files.  That's all I wanted
 AT> to say.

But you may need other package specific info, and then you have to add
more  files and   things  get more   complex. I  feel  it's  not  that
You are right, my solution does not scale very well.

 AT> Would it be a problem to move this to
 AT>         /usr/share/cdd/#CDDNAME#/menu       ?
 AT> At least this is the place we agreed to.

I've considered it, don't  think I'm a total  anarchist. But AFAIK the
update-menus script  doesn't  look  for   (executable) files  in   the
directory  you  mention. It does     look for  (executable) files   in
But it does not have to look for executable files or more precisely: it
*should* not look for executables.  There is only a single executable in
This parses /usr/share/cdd/*/menu and builds user menus.  Just check out
the SVN version from alioth (sorry, viewcvs cgi seems not to work for
a direct link :-().  The idea behind this script is to check whether
the CDD maintainer has provided an "override" menu entry in
If not the "normal" menu entry for a package in /usr/{lib,share}/menu is taken.

I've  patched  tasksel to  support  executable  .desc,  and there's  a
wishlist item for this:

Well done.  I was waiting for an "unpatched" solution in official
Debian package to implement it in cdd-dev.  In principle the code
is ready to have this also in cdd-dev.  Do you think this bug will
be closed soon?

Kind regards



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