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Re: Feedback about the cdd-dev package and more...

On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, Free Ekanayaka wrote:

Yes it's one of my wishes to have this  famous CDD infrastructure, but
at the    same way I  don't   have any really convincing   solution at
hand. Thus I keep experimenting following the paradigm "First Do, Then
Document, Finally Automate".. I'm still at the "First Do" phase! ;)
OK, understand.
So would you recommend us to proceed like before and switch afterwards
or join your efforts?

 AT> I do understand the problem of sub-grouping menu entries but I do not
 AT> see any hint for a solution.  Did I missed anything?

I'm not sure to understand your doubt,  but my idea is  to apply a tag
to each package which needs a different menu location than the regular

xmedcon: task::imaging, menu::Med/Imaging/Conversion
garlic:  task::bio,     menu::Med/Bio/Molecular
Well, I'm sure that this will work if you tag the packages which is definitely
a good approach but subgrouping also works in the current system if you
put this entry after "menu::" into the menu files.  That's all I wanted
to say.

Well, ok  we are talking about "little"  things, but this doesn't mean
that we don't have to do things cleanly and beautifully..
Sure.  I love this.  But currently I would love any *working* solution
first (to enable me to concentrate I *really* want to do) before making
the solution beautiful.  But it is good to know that somebody will care
for the beauty in the mean time. ;-))

IMO  if we have   not found a common  agreement  yet, is because still
there  is no rocking  solution.
May be.

3) script to generate the menu on the fly (goes in /etc/menu/demudi)

Would it be a problem to move this to
       /usr/share/cdd/#CDDNAME#/menu       ?
At least this is the place we agreed to.

4) script to generate tasksel entries:

Did you found a good place to store tasksel entries.  I'm a little bit unsure
about this tasksel stuff which is basically the reason why the cdd package
version 0.3.10 did not hit the mirror yet.

To check out the whole sources read here:

Sergio, what are you thinking about this?  I leave the decision to proceed
here or at the "old" cdd package to you.  On top of my personal todo list
is definitely the GnuMed package and I'll not touch cdd before this package
is uploaded.

Well,  a mix of both  actually, I've wrote kind  of that, but it's far
from satisfactory.
OK, just give us a hint what would be the fastest way to a working solution
for any CDD who want to take part in the common effort.  Support for your
"nice" system or support for the "old" system.

Kind regards



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