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Re: Which list to join? What document to read?

On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim wrote:

> I make (and burn) an ISO image every weekend for the last two
> years. The CDROM contains all recent updates of anything I would
> like to have on my PC at home, like:
> a. BOOT image --> rescue disk.
> b. up-to-date debian packages. I just write down all the package
>    names that I want, and a script will collect all recent
>    packages, including their dependencies.
> c. up-to-date linux related document including HOWTOs, debian
>    documents, etc. Since I rsync them directly, the documents
>    are usually more recent, compared to their related deb files.
If I understand you right than you have no special interest in what
we call Custom Debian Distribution but you have your own interest
how to handle Debian in common (which is perfectly all right).  If
you ask me a normal user related group like debian-user or
perhaps the user list which speak your mother language (just search
lists.debian.org for a complete list of user related mailing lists).

> 1. Is that ISO image considered as a CDD? If not, what is that?
No.  Definitely not.  I would name it "your own private repository".

> 3. I am interested to modify the boot utility, including replacing
>    a boot kernel. I guess that I should follow the "debian-boot" list.
>    Are there any other list that I should follow?
Perhaps.  Make sure you really need to do this modification and not
reinventing the wheel.

> 4. I am having problem for discarding obsolete packages.
>    I am not sure on what utility I should use. I guess that there
>    should be an "apt" tool that do that.

> 5. I also still have not a clear idea on how to get a source file
>    that is EXACTLY related to the debian package that is fetched.
>    Even I am not sure, what I mean here :(.
apt-ftparchive ??

> Last, I am aware that actually my main problem is how to get/find
> more "spare time" :(. Well...
If my time frame would be limited (well in fact it is ;-)) I would
not start dealing with creating my own boot disks.

Kind regards


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