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Re: How to find CDD URLs

Osamu Aoki wrote:
> I am interesed in CDD but .... I missed connection here.  Sorry.
> I do not understand your qestion

Andreas Tille wrote:
> If all fails ask Google: The first link leads you to the Wiki.
> There is a "Communication" section and I think in the "News"
> section (perhaps not the best heading) provides the most
> interesting links.

First of all, apology for my poor English. Let me rephrase what
I wrote previously.

I am having problem to find technical related URLs on "How other
are making CDDs". For example on the CDD's Twiki page, there is
a list of "Common Issues for CDDs". There is also a list of
"CDDs in Development". Unfortunately, I am having problem to find
on how those CDD in Development are handling those "Common Issues".
E.g., it is not so easy to find, on how "debian-med", or how
"skolelinux" is solving those issues.

I also believe that "Hacking the debian-installer ISO image" is one 
of the CDD issue. Thus, that article is a perfect example on
how to solve that issue.

My specific interest is, how to update (weekly) my PC at home by using
a CDROM. Currently, I am running http://de2.vlsm.org/Collect-DEBS.txt . 
I am aware that that script is very dirty and stupid.
Unfortunately, I am still looking (and learning) on how to make
a better script that collects recent deb packages.

Again, I am very interested to find out, on how other CDDs are
overcoming those "Common Issues".

thank you,

Rahmat M.  Samik-Ibrahim -- vLSM.org  -- http://rms46.vLSM.org/ --
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