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Which list to join? What document to read?

Andreas Tille wrote:

> For this purpose some packages come in my mind, but this is not
> really CDD related.  There are a couple of programs like apt-zip,
> apt-move and probably three or four other projects I do not remember.

Well, then perhaps the issue is not about how to find related CDD
URLs, but which list to join? More general, what to do/how to
solve these following issues.

What should someone to do/learn/visit/join, if they do not
understand quiet well, chapter 6 (Technology) of the 
"Custom Debian Distributions" main document? I guess, that
the answer would be lurking here in the debian-custom list.

I make (and burn) an ISO image every weekend for the last two
years. The CDROM contains all recent updates of anything I would
like to have on my PC at home, like:
a. BOOT image --> rescue disk.
b. up-to-date debian packages. I just write down all the package
   names that I want, and a script will collect all recent
   packages, including their dependencies.
c. up-to-date linux related document including HOWTOs, debian
   documents, etc. Since I rsync them directly, the documents
   are usually more recent, compared to their related deb files.

1. Is that ISO image considered as a CDD? If not, what is that?

2. I am interested to make that ISO image by using debian tools and 
   utilities. I guess that I should learn on how "debian-cd" works.
   Are there any other tools that are more appropriate?

3. I am interested to modify the boot utility, including replacing
   a boot kernel. I guess that I should follow the "debian-boot" list.
   Are there any other list that I should follow?

4. I am having problem for discarding obsolete packages.
   I am not sure on what utility I should use. I guess that there
   should be an "apt" tool that do that.

5. I also still have not a clear idea on how to get a source file
   that is EXACTLY related to the debian package that is fetched.
   Even I am not sure, what I mean here :(.

Last, I am aware that actually my main problem is how to get/find 
more "spare time" :(. Well...


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