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Re: How to find CDD URLs

On Thu, 24 Jun 2004, Rahmat M. Samik-Ibrahim wrote:

> I am having problem to find technical related URLs on "How other
> are making CDDs". For example on the CDD's Twiki page, there is
> a list of "Common Issues for CDDs". There is also a list of
> "CDDs in Development". Unfortunately, I am having problem to find
> on how those CDD in Development are handling those "Common Issues".
Well, in the "News" item I pointed you to is a link to


which is the most complete documentation about CDD you can find.
It describes how to build meta packages (using cdd-dev and cdd-common
package).  In my talk I will held in one hour here at LinuxTag
I will give a quick intro:


If you are locking for how to build CDD (Live)CDs there are only
"plans" how it should be made discussed in the paper.  I guess the
way Debian-NP builded the Morphix based LiveCD is not explicitely

> E.g., it is not so easy to find, on how "debian-med", or how
Just try

     apt-get source debian-med

and read the code.  It is *really* not much to read (or go with
the quick guide in my talk).

It would be a good idea if somebody would add some CD-creattion stuff
to the docs ...

Kind regards


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