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Re: Draft proposal for debian-custom

Am Donnerstag, 3. Juni 2004 18:19 schrieb Alex de Landgraaf:
> Quoting Free Ekanayaka <free@agnula.org>:
> > I didn't understand whether you are going to work with debix or what..
> >
> > I didn't  have time to try  debix, but it looks  very promising  to me
> > comparing with Knoppix and Morphix, especially because  it seems to be
> > fully Debian compliant.
> I too haven't tried debix myself, but a (soon-to-be?) DD did check it out a
> few days ago and found it rather... broken. Anyway, the use of DV/LVM2 for
> overlaying is very cool indeed, and I'd love to see if this could be used
> for our modules instead of the existing hacks.

No, it cannot in my humble opinion. There is a design issue, which cannot be 
overcome too easily and you loose the possibility to speed-optimize (you have 
to use ext3 to allow overlay to work :-/). Also as far as I can see there can 
just be a writable snapshot so much less, then what you do with morphix right 

Problem for example are: 

- Kernel crashes, when space exceeds snapshot ...
- df is not updated (not even possible, as block-layer does know nothing about 
filesystem layer)

>  Still prefer my modular way
> of making livecds, but I'm open to cooperation.

Please don't forget to include me in your plans / projects - if I can help 
I'll glady will ;-).

> And about being Debian compliant... policies exist to be broken ;)

Disagree. I have uploaded some packages and mail which also create a live-cd, 
which is fully debian policy compliant. (I don't think a live-cd has to boot 
like from HD?)

In short: You can change inittab (conffile :-) ) and point to rc-livecd / 
rcS-livecd, which then use /etc/livecd/rc*.d/ ... (I did use knoppix as name 
instead livecd though - shame on me ;-) )

(See here for more information and also a testcd-link: 
http://lists.debian.org/debian-custom/2004/05/msg00077.html - seems that 
everyone has overseen that mail ;-) )

Btw. has anyone of the CDD-makers thought about needing / using an own 
rc*.d-structure? While it is nice to have sshd on CD, it is not neccessary / 
wanted that that should be automatically started and so there can be other 
"profiles" for starting for example from a Live-DVD.



> Btw: yesterday I've given a talk at debconf on CDL (Custom Debian Live
> CDs), you can find the slides on http://am.xs4all.nl/docs/debconf/img0.html

Thanks, I'll have a look :-).

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