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Re: Draft proposal for debian-custom

Alex de Landgraaf <alextreme@xs4all.nl> writes:

> Quoting Free Ekanayaka <free@agnula.org>:
>> I didn't understand whether you are going to work with debix or what..
>> I didn't  have time to try  debix, but it looks  very promising  to me
>> comparing with Knoppix and Morphix, especially because  it seems to be
>> fully Debian compliant.
> I too haven't tried debix myself, but a (soon-to-be?) DD did check it out a few
> days ago and found it rather... broken. Anyway, the use of DV/LVM2 for

Its in a rather rudimentary state.

> overlaying is very cool indeed, and I'd love to see if this could be used for
> our modules instead of the existing hacks. Still prefer my modular way of
> making livecds, but I'm open to cooperation.
> And about being Debian compliant... policies exist to be broken ;)

I designed debix (using device-mapper) as the method to make a normal
read-write system into a life-cd. The released debix version is a
proof of concept of this and is still crude.

What is needed most are Custom Debian installations that debix can
turn into live CDs. The way debix works, by using the kernel device
mapper to make the CD writeable (from the softwares point of view)
makes it easy to create such installations, change them on the fly and
update them without problems and without changing/violating policy.

The current developement version of Debix turns a debian system into a
live-cd with zero change. The changes currently done in the released
version (fstab and /dev/*) are moved into the ramdisk script.

> cheers,
> Alex
> Btw: yesterday I've given a talk at debconf on CDL (Custom Debian Live CDs), you
> can find the slides on http://am.xs4all.nl/docs/debconf/img0.html

Great. I was meaning to read up on this to combine this with debix for
some better and more colourfull example cds.


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