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Re: Draft proposal for debian-custom

Quoting Fabian Franz <FabianFranz@gmx.de>:

> No, it cannot in my humble opinion. There is a design issue, which cannot be
> overcome too easily and you loose the possibility to speed-optimize (you have
> to use ext3 to allow overlay to work :-/). Also as far as I can see there can
> just be a writable snapshot so much less, then what you do with morphix right
> now.
> Problem for example are: 
> - Kernel crashes, when space exceeds snapshot ...
> - df is not updated (not even possible, as block-layer does know nothing
> about filesystem layer)

Pretty serious issues, wasn't aware of them. 

> Please don't forget to include me in your plans / projects - if I can help 
> I'll glady will ;-).

I can use all the help I can get, take a look at the presentation and if you're
interested: the CVS is all yours :)

> Disagree. I have uploaded some packages and mail which also create a live-cd,
> which is fully debian policy compliant. (I don't think a live-cd has to boot
> like from HD?)

Ofcourse I was kidding. My goal is to be as compliant as possible, we haven't
been packaging our init scripts for nothing. What I was meaning is that I'm not
someone that will run around in circles just to follow policy. 

> In short: You can change inittab (conffile :-) ) and point to rc-livecd / 
> rcS-livecd, which then use /etc/livecd/rc*.d/ ... (I did use knoppix as name
> instead livecd though - shame on me ;-) )
> (See here for more information and also a testcd-link: 
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-custom/2004/05/msg00077.html - seems that 
> everyone has overseen that mail ;-) )

Looked pretty nice, but the only part that is nasty is the making of the
initrd/miniroot. On the init scripts, morphix has historically always used
/morphix/init.sh and /morphix/rc.m/* in current init packages. This could me
changed to /etc/livecd/rc*.d/ (we'd probably have a symlink to /morphix for
compatibility) as it's more generic.



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