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Re: Debian und Ubuntu - in the Press

Hi Tollef,
On Sat, Sep 16, 2006 at 09:50:05AM +0200, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Kevin Mark 
> | I too am aware of the existance of non-paid people but am unsure what
> | catagory they are in: developers, local user group leaders, maintainers,
> | translators... 
> All of them.  There are people who are very much part of the core team
> and who make substantial improvements in Ubuntu who are volunteers.
> One of them being Matthew Garrett.

Hmm. I guess i'm confused as to who _is_ being paid and will have to
investigate this further. Ubuntu is a FLOSS business and a FLOSS
project, IIUC. I'm curious about how they interact, intersect and where
they are seperate a la 'venn diagrams'. And of the feelings of paid vs
non-paid participants in each. But I guess that is for an Ubuntu list.

> | I'd like this to happen but I guess maybe Ubuntu folks are scared
> | off by our non-teletubby culture :-)
> Being civil to one another does not mean «being a teletubby» or not
> having arguments.

I guess that was an oversimplification of the differences but with
Ubuntu being smaller and newer does allow it to have a tighter control
on setting up and maintaining a culture that is closer to the <<ubuntu>>
ideal. Debian was started by people who had a closer connection to RMS's
and ESR's Pre-DOTCOM, hacker culture and 10+ years of folks being
<<freer>> with their choice of communcation style. Obviously folks have
started to become more interested in keeping tighter controls on what
constitutes a <<civil discourse>> which may or may not be because of
Ubuntu. I think its a good change as long as it doesn't stifle people
from communicating at the expense of people feeling like <<one misspoke
word>> and they're being expelled.
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