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Debian und Ubuntu - in the Press

Quote from <http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/5634/997/>
 [ The Ubuntu developers are all paid for their work. ]

The rest of the article is not bad, but this made me LOL.  I don't know the 
internals of Ubuntu, but AFAIK there are a few people who contribute to 
Ubuntu and are not paid.  Now is the time to invite them to contribute to 
Debian, where they won't be glossed over in this manner.  Or did anybody 
write an article like "The Debian distribution is released by two 
volounteers, aba and vorlon"?

-- vbi

> So does the bible contain invariant sections?
It sure does:
$ bible rev22:18-19
        -- Drew Parsons, in a GFDL debate

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