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Re: Debian und Ubuntu - in the Press

On Fri, Sep 15, 2006 at 09:24:27AM +0200, Adrian von Bidder wrote:
> Quote from <http://www.itwire.com.au/content/view/5634/997/>
>  [ The Ubuntu developers are all paid for their work. ]
> The rest of the article is not bad, but this made me LOL.  I don't know the 
> internals of Ubuntu, but AFAIK there are a few people who contribute to 
> Ubuntu and are not paid.  Now is the time to invite them to contribute to 
> Debian, where they won't be glossed over in this manner.  Or did anybody 
> write an article like "The Debian distribution is released by two 
> volounteers, aba and vorlon"?
> greets
> -- vbi
Hi vbi,
I too am aware of the existance of non-paid people but am unsure what
catagory they are in: developers, local user group leaders, maintainers,
translators... I would expect the 'core' team to be paid. And as Mako
and Klaus Knopper both say, jobs that are not interesting to Floss folks
need to be paid: security guards, accountants, ... One thing that I dont
seem to notice is that Ubuntu folks (who are not DD) are not wanting to
join Debian or dont seem to be directed our way. At least I havent seen
any examples. I'd like this to happen but I guess maybe Ubuntu folks are
scared off by our non-teletubby culture :-)
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